Psychoterapist who work in English

We would like to welcome you to our web page. We are a group of psychologists and psychotherapists who help people with different issues. We work with people from the age of 15. We work to help people develop a better understanding of themselves by focusing on self-development and self-growth. We also help those with psychological problems such as :

  • emotional difficulties
  • relationship issues
  • couples therapy
  • neurosis
  • eating disorders
  • personality disorders
  • anxiety disorders
  • depression
  • addictions
  • panic disorders
  • and much more !

If you want to make an appointment you can call us at +48 792 244 455 or press the button below. Before you call you may take a look at our psychotherapists below.

Anna Nieniewska-Mello

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist having graduated from Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Following graduation I finished Sociotherapy and Psychotherapy of Children and Youth Study at the Krakow Psychodynamic Center. I further develop my psychotherapeutic skills at the School of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy accredited by the Polish Psychological Association. I am a member of the Polish Society of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

I conduct individual psychotherapy of adolescents and adults based on the psychodynamic understanding of human development. In addition to my private practice I also work in the Department of Youth Neurosis Treatment in Zagórze. I treat people who are suffering from anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders and personality disorders. Therapeutic contact begins with about three consultation meetings, and then, together with the patient, we decide on the initiation of psychotherapy.

I work in harmony with the Psychologist Professional Code of Ethics. My work is subject to regular supervision. I constantly improve my professional qualifications by participating in scientific and didactic conferences and trainings that center on psychotherapy and psychological help.

Olga Praśniewska-Steggles