Klaudia Pęczkowska

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. I work in the humanistic-existential therapeutic approach, which emphasizes the potential of every person to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. I work with teenagers and adults.

Psychotherapy is my passion. I discovered it during my studies at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw. I was inspired by the thoughts and works of prominent psychotherapists such as Carl Rogers, Irvin Yalom and Viktor Frankl and decided to start my professional education in the field of psychotherapy.

Since then, I’ve been developing my therapeutic skills by professional trainings, workshops and conferences. I am currently participating in the training program in existential counselling and psychotherapy, organized by the Society of Existential Psychotherapy in Poland, a member of The International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE-International) in Vienna.

Existential therapy is a unique form of psychotherapy that aims to help clients to find a truly personal and meaningful way of dealing with life. This therapeutic approach gives special attention to issues such as finding meaning in live, making responsible choices, living authentically and in accordance with personal values.

I’ve also completed a training in Solution-Focused Therapy. The main characteristic of this paradigm is that therapist focuses on clients’ strengths, resources and capabilities to help them fulfill their hopes and specific goals.


– University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology – MA in psychology

– Solution-Focused Therapy Center – SFT basic training

– Polish Society of Existential Psychotherapy (GLE-Polska) – Existential Analysis and Logotherapy, in training

– SOTIS – Social and communication trainig skills for people with Asperger syndrome

– School for Parents and Educators – How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk workshop

– The Psychiatry, Combat Stress and Psychotraumatology Clinic – clinical internship

– Family Therapy Clinic (Warsaw, Bemowo District) – internship


Katarzyna Szostak

I am a psychologist and integrative psychotherapist. In therapy I focus on empathic understanding client’s difficulties and supporting him in finding solutions. I work with teenagers over 16 years of age, adults and couples.
I wanted to be a psychotherapist since I was 12 years old. I was fascinated by differences in the way people think, behave and understand the world. When I graduated from a biologically profiled lower high school and later humanistically profiled high school I moved from my hometown (Szczecin) to Poznań to study psychology. I have graduated Adam Mickiewicz University in two specializations: clinical psychology and social psychology as well as Postgraduate Study of Psychological Aid in Sexology.
A passion for marketing and media psychology together with a deep human curiosity and good interpersonal and communication skills pushed me into Public Relations – for few years now I professional build relations.
Simultaneously I study at the Professional School of Psychotherapy and I work with adolescents, adults and couples as a psychoterapist. I also provide support in the crisis as well as psychological and sexological consultations. On a regular basis I supervise my work with a certified supervisor of the Polish Psychological Association.
I work with:
– youth from 16 years of age
– adoults
– couples
  • Adam Mickiewicz University, Social Studies Department, 5-year master’s studies in field of psychology, specialization: clinical psychology and social psychology
  • Postgraduate Study of Psychological Aid in Sexology at the Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Professional School of Psychotherapy – 4-year integrative psychotherapy school
  • Postgraduate Public Relations Study, Poznań University of Economics and Business